The TIP of the Iceburg

Invest and crowdsource curated deal flow monthly around your interests.

Tap into Startups in multiple sectors

We are Local Angels with Global Impact.

Take part of a City of Influence – A global Angel “Network of Networks”. Discover and meet your TRIBE. We call it a Trusted PRIDE. Build a legacy of wealth and influence.

We are a locals TRIBE, with a Global network, a Chapter based TRIBALRY of accredited investors who forges meaningful lifelong relationship. Focused on democratizing investing and the angel community. We are a TRIBE focused on the ENTREPRENEUR, the dreamers and masons who build and drive the economic growth engines of our era. All business is rooted in relationship. We build community.

  • 2 overnight Deal Summits a year (summer / winter)
  • Fall Golf tournament with 18 sponsored holes
  • 10-12 curated angel deals
  • Profile set up – investment strategy, goals, history and interest
  • Survey feedback rating
  • Access to “insider” Series A-B follow on investments
  • Global Network Directory access for collaboration
  • Funding / Debt financing
  • Affiliate Tribes access
  • Creative agency services

“In the age of transparency, honesty, and generosity, even in the form of an apology, generate goodwill.”
-Alexander Asseily, founder of Jawbone


“Remain self-funded as long as possible.”
-Garrett Camp, Co-founder of Uber, StumbleUpon, and Expa


“As a founder, lay all the possible scenarios — from best to worst — in front of you, so you don’t get surprised when something happens.”
-Brian Wong, Co-founder of Kiip


“Don’t let others convince you that the idea is good when your gut tells you it’s bad.”
-Kevin Rose, co-founded Digg


“Only the paranoid survive.”
-Andy Grove, former CEO of Intel


“I’m always tweaking, always trying to make it better, constantly moving the levers and dials.”
-Steve Ells, founder and co-CEO of Chipotle


“It starts with not having a hangover with the way things used to be.”
-Kevin Plank, founder and CEO of Under Armour



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